Enova Solutions LLC.

Empowering Africa

Enova Solutions together with its subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities is committed to bringing state of the art technological solutions for generations to come. We have a great track record of AI powered technology leadership, project execution excellence, world class safety processes and customer care.

Enova Solutions is continuously upgrading and augmenting the Health IT system to cater to the increasing demand of Ethiopia’s (Africa's) needs.

What we do

With 15+ years of experience, we specialized in AI integrated solutions of data analytics, software design and implementation.

Software systems design

15+ years of full life cycle software development including architectural design and solution analysis of mission critical government systems

Data Analytics

15+ years of consulting experience in data modeling, data analytics, business intelligence and program management. Helped business users and decision-makers get actionable insights from their data using various reporting, data visualization, data analytics and data management technologies both in private healthcare and government sectors

Next Gen Hosting Solutions

We look to shape the future through our evolving customer solutions. Enova Solutions continues to be a forerunner in technology adoption and design of diffrent hosting solutions from cloud to on premise.

Services Business

Enova Solutions has pioneered various processes & practices to address Project management challenges. The early adoption of best in class Quality Management Systems and digital solutions are testimony to this fact. Enova Solutions provides one stop solution for all industries requiring similar services.

Vision, Mission & Values


Empower a billion lives through sustainable, affordable and innovative energy solutions.


Keeping the customer at the center of all we do

Operating assets and executing projects at benchmark level through technology & innovation

Sustainable growth with a focus on profitability and market leadership

Creating an empowered workforce driven by passion & purpose


Safety, Care, Agility, Learning, Ethics


We are available to start projects.

What our customers say

No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people’s eyes, to reveal the marvels around.


Working with Enova Solutions was a pleasure. They understood exactly what we wanted and created an awesome xxxxx.

Okasha Syraj

I'm really happy with the results. Enova Solutions deliverd 100% of what we asked for without any problem.

Ermias Belay

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